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Jabez Marks from Transform Venue got in touch about his LinkedIn profile page. He wanted a polished, professional bio to match his brand. ​Here is the resulting content.

​Jabez Marks | Director – Transform Venue Ltd 


I started off hosting my own shoe-string parties at university. One highlight was a Coronation Street theme party, complete with painted back-drops, tea ladies and a full ‘front room’ set on-stage. Today, 20 years later, I have hands-on experience with events across the globe from world-renowned music festivals to smaller intimate gatherings.

For me, it’s about responding creatively to a brief and turning ideas into a reality. Even the most uninspiring space can be transformed into something truly spectacular when approached with ambition and an eye for detail.

Anything is possible!

Transform Venue Ltd 

My experienced team of talented Venue Designers can transform any venue into a spectacular scene for your event. Whether it’s a product launch, music festival, intimate wedding or graduation – we know how to dress venues to the highest standard and create an event your guests will be talking about long after the doors have closed.

If you can dream it, we can make it happen. If you don’t have a theme yet, we can help you. Together, we will create a stunning, high-end event that will impress your guests.

As Director, I ensure our teams are efficient and timely in all that we do. It’s important to me that our partnership with clients is a seamless and enjoyable experience. From your contact with our creative team during the concept stage, to our highly trained on-site crew of Venue Dressers, we prioritise your peace of mind at every step. While concepts and venue dressing are the heart of an event, your budget is important to us – so we work hard to stay within your limitations and problem solve if we meet any obstacles.

Squeeze 18

Squeeze 18, my previous events company, was a successful business – growing quickly from a student-focused start-up to a leading events company.

Working around the world – from China to Russia and Turkey – we organised the logistics, interior decor and styling for big-name events and intimate parties too. During our 20 years we worked with brands including Radio One, Virgin Media, Ben & Jerry’s, Sky 3D, Greek Total Yoghourt, Mercedes and Wonder Bra to name just a few.

​After a long and successful run, Squeeze 18 came to a natural conclusion in January 2013 when my business partner and I decided to focus on different projects. I chose to specialise in venue transformation and event theming, which led to the launch of my exciting new venture, Transform Venue Ltd.

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