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​10 Signs You’re Addicted to Vintage Design  

Vintage continues to dominate the world of interiors this year, from delicate floral soft furnishings to decorative tiled floors. If your home is filled to the rafters with antique furniture, eclectic vintage-style trinkets, and a colour palette that would knock the socks off any minimalist decor fan, we offer you a hearty welcome to the vintage club!

Think you’ve come down with a case of the vintage bug? Here are 10 signs that you’re most definitely addicted to vintage interior design!

1. Blank walls make you cry inside

Walking into a room with a blank wall and no hint of vintage design makes you cry a little inside. You see every wall as a blank canvas waiting to be filled with picture frame clusters, vintage wall hangings and antique floral plates – why have a neutral palette when you can have sage greens, dusky rose and champagne golds?

2. Every room in your home features a picture frame cluster

Organising your favourite photos and prints can be quite tricky when using generic frames, but you know exactly how to rise to this challenge! Picture frame clusters of all shapes and sizes are exactly the way to tackle this, and in fact, you have one in every room from the bathroom to the office!

The more varied the frames, the better, and you never pass up the opportunity to rummage through flea markets, antique stores and charity shops to add to your growing collection!

3. Subtlety isn’t your styles 

Minimalist interiors are too bare for your liking, and subtlety just isn’t your style. Why use a simple floor lamp to illuminate a dark corner when you can use a vintage lamp base with a granny-style double-scalloped floral lampshade complete with a pom-pom trim and tassels?

4. The more threadbare your furniture, the better!

From the rugs littering your floors to the lampshades on your ceilings, the more threadbare your furniture and soft furnishings, the better! While your family and friends may try to convince you to get that old chaise lounge in your hallway re-upholstered, or that antique tapestry on your living room wall mended, you just love that shabby, vintage look!

5. You’ve always wanted to make your own vintage lampshade cluster

It’s no secret that vintage interior design addicts spend hours trawling their favourite websites for the latest vintage inspiration! And one incredible feature you’ve vowed to make for your home is a lampshade cluster! A unique assortment of bowed-empire, single-scallop or traditional dome frames, you appreciate that the possibilities of a lampshade cluster are endless! You’ve already started collecting your lampshades – now all you need is to find the time to put it all together.

6. Decorative ceilings have been known to make you go weak at the knees

You know that the secret to a successful vintage interior is all about the attention to detail, and you leave no corner of your home overlooked. Even your ceilings are decorated with vintage fabrics draped elegantly from edge to edge, antique lampshades that give the room a delightful ambience, or beautiful artex patterns that are always a talking point among your guests!

7. You don’t have a single piece of matching dinnerware

When it comes to serving food, there’s nothing like mixed and matched dinnerware to give your antique oak dinner table the vintage feel it deserves! From dainty floral teacups to cast-iron Les Creuset casserole dishes, your kitchen has it all. When it comes to wining and dining with guests, your table centrepiece always consists of a colourful teapot filled with fresh foliage from the garden.

8. A vintage lamp base just isn’t enough – you need the lampshade to match

As a true fan of vintage design, your lighting has to be vintage too. It’s not enough to have a vintage lamp base – you need an appropriate lampshade to match. If you’re thinking of upgrading the lampshades in your home, why not explore our lampshades for inspiration? Check out our popular vintage-style Chintz floral dome shade with burgundy trim, our wonderful teal hydrangea bowed-empire lampshade for a ceiling fixture or lamp base, and our wine coloured single-scallop lampshade with burgundy rope braid and cream fringe! 

9. Your shelves are brimming with unusual found objects

When your family and friends pop over for tea, they love exploring the unusual found objects that fill every shelf and shelving unit in your home. From beautiful pieces of broken crockery you found while digging the allotment to dusty vintage bottles you found in the basement, you can’t help but collect vintage objects to display in your home.

​(“Clutter bug?” Moi?!)

10. Bunting will always have a place in your home

Bunting is a bit like Marmite: it divides the nation, with some people hating it and some people loving it! But as a lover of all things vintage, bunting will always have a place in your home! From decking your halls with cheery home-made bunting to decorating your garden terrace with reams of vintage-style ribbons and bunting you picked up at the flea market, you can’t get enough of the stuff!

And the results are in…

Are you as potty as we are about vintage interior design? What do you believe are the quirky tell-tale signs of a vintage addict? Share your thoughts with us…

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