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Results in 11 Months

• 877% Organic Traffic Growth
• 153 to 1,495 Visitors Per Week
• 5.57 to 18.29 Page Visits/Session
• 10 to 1,719 organic keyword rankings in Google’s top 10 positions

877% Increase in Organic Traffic for Ecommerce Wholesaler

The Challenge

Homefords is a UK-based B2B ecommerce store, specialising in wholesale soft furnishings – such as curtains, towels and bedding. With no registration, low costs and low minimum order value, Homefords offered an friction-free buyer journey.

When they came to Wrise, Homefords were on page 1 of Google’s results page for ten keywords and had made good progress. However, it wasn’t enough. They were getting outranked by competitors for the majority of key industry search terms, resulting in low organic traffic volumes (approx. 150 visits per week) and a dependency on Google Ads.

Homefords needed a new strategy, dependable tactics and repeatable processes in order to increase their traffic levels.

The Solution

Our initial discovery sessions with the team yielded critical many insights. To see an uptick in organic traffic, they needed to level up their approach to SEO.

Multiple actions were needed to make gains. After all, Google takes into account hundreds of different factors. These were the main activities…

Keyword Research – The site was competing with the biggest brands in the home interior space, such as Dunelm, IKEA and Next. A battle they couldn’t win head-on. Fortunately, we were able to find search terms used by target customers use, but not targeted by the big brands didn’t. A way in!

Technical SEO – Over time, the site had built up a number of site health issues, including broken links, 301 redirects, mixed content. Fixing these was the key, as a solid SEO foundation was critical.

Architecture – By implementing a tiered product category system, we were able to create designated pages for each product type. With each page including optimised swan text, the site could now target hundreds of niche keyphrases.

Landing Pages – A series of longform landing pages were created to target the search terms for the primary products. Each page was supplemented with FAQs, buyer guides, related blog posts – everything needed to improve search engine rankings and help visitors find the products they needed.

UX – Multiple changes were made to deliver a better user experience, such as an updated navigation menu that allows people to deep-dive into the website and browse by range.

Articles – Blog posts were regularly added to increase the site’s relevance for their product ranges. Within these pages, internal linking was used strategically to distribute page authority to the site’s key webpages.

The Results

Organic traffic – In under a year, the weekly traffic increased from 153 to 1,495 visitors per week. That’s an 877% growth in organic traffic.

Page Visits / Session – As well as increasing the amount of traffic, we increased the average page visits per session from 5.57 to 18.29. See the light blue line in the graph below. This could be due to the increase in traffic quality as well as improved UX.

Google Rankings – At the start, the site ranked on page 1 of Google (top 10 positions) for 10 keywords. It now ranks on page 1 for 1,719 organic keywords:

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