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Product Description Example

The team at For Your Gadget got in touch about a new product. They wanted a unique & persuasive product description to gain an edge over any competitors using the generic supplied text. Here is the resulting content.

​Adonit Jot Mini Stylus 

A wise man once declared, “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. He really wasn’t lying. Would the works of Shakespeare, the greatest playwright of all time, be in existence if not for the simple quill? Would the Sistene Chapel be elaborately adorned with Michelangelo’s artistic talents if not for the humble paint brush?

In this booming digital age, the mantle of greatness is now passed to you, my friend. Choose your weapon of choice and use it to wondrous effect. A gift from me, your wise omniscient author: the Adonit Jot Mini Stylus. A small, perfectly formed stylus to help your creative endeavours. Like the figures who have gone before, one miniature tool is all you need.

For all the aspiring greats out there: the Adonit Jot Mini Stylus combines quality, convenience and style to help achieve your dream. Inspiration can spring from anywhere; the Jot Mini’s smaller size allows you to carry it with you, ready for that one moment.

It’s so precise, it can be used with smartphones and tablets.

Product Features:

  • Fine point stylus for accuracy
  • Smaller precision disc
  • In-built mobile clip
  • Protective cap
  • Comes in a range of metallic colours

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