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Web Copywriting Example

The team at Bing Digital – an award-winning creative agency specialising in user oriented design, development and marketing online – got in touch about their website’s content. Bind Digital operates in a crowded market and needed memorable website content that would differentiate themselves from the competition and highlight their creativity.

Bind Digital wanted content with big personality. Tech speak can be a little dry, so we used expressive British idioms and phrases – like ‘pleased as punch’ or ‘all talk and no trousers’ – to bring unexpected words into the content. The tone is relaxed, simple and friendly, creative a less formal experience for visitors. The sentence structure has a light, nimble, bouncing structure, which we nick-named ‘squirrel-style’. You can see an example of the results below… 

Powerful ​Search Engine Optimisation Services

Sure your website is stunning. Yes it has a brilliant customer focused design. But does it attract people? If not, you’ll come a cropper. At Bing Digital, our expertise extends far beyond traditional lead generation techniques. We use ethical search engine optimisation (or SEO) strategies to improve website search engine rankings, and consequently attract more traffic. Magic!  

But do I really need SEO?

I should cocoa. If an e-commerce website is going to prosper in the ever crowded online market, SEO is crucial. Approximately 35% of people click on the top result on the search engine results page. And around 75% of people never even reach page 2. So, if your website is languishing on page 2 or below, it’s going to go unnoticed.

SEO for e-commerce 

When it comes to SEO, there is a big difference between lead generation sites and e-commerce sites. For example, e-commerce sites employ shallow copy, duplicate content and a large product catalog. It’s a different kettle of fish. A combination of traditional and e-commerce SEO is required, as are the best on-site practices for the Magento platform. 

Fortunately, this is Bing Digital’s specialist subject. From homepage optimisation to product level URLs, our team of SEO connoisseurs know how to optimise on both fronts, giving us the advantage over conventional SEO practitioners.

We take a tiered approach to the optimisation process, starting with:

A complete ‘belt-and-braces’ analysis is performed on your site. We want to understand everything before taking action.

By researching market sectors and dissecting consumer search trends, we then develop a powerful organic SEO strategy.

Expect a targeted marketing strategy, comprehensive site configuration, content marketing and a dynamic social media campaign. We polish things off by increasing the number of natural inbound links directed towards your site.

As a complete SEO service, we also offer every client ongoing SEO tech maintenance and monthly SEO reporting. Everything you need to ensure your site maintains its top dog ranking status.  ​  ​

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