But first, some ground rules… 


We only accept great content. Like, seriously great. Your guest post has to be fun, interesting, informative and, of course, related to digital marketing.


There’s nothing worse than duplicate content. We put all guest posts through a plagiarism checker before publishing, so make sure it’s your own content you’re sending.


Articles must be 1,000 words minimum. Why? We simply don’t think you can offer value to our readers in a 500-word whistle-stop tour of a topic. 


We aren’t looking for spammy links or constant plugging. The main body of content in your post shouldn’t contain any back-links to your website. Each guest post will be accompanied by a 50-word bio, where you’ll be able to include a branded back-link to your site. 


Collaborating on top-drawer guest posts takes time to review ideas, liaise, publish work and source images. That’s all covered by a £100 admin charge. No more, no less. 


We’re happy to proofread your guest post before publishing to pick out any typos or grammatical howlers. After all, everyone’s human. But once content is published, no further edits can be made. 

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