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How to Write Superhuman Call-to-Actions That Work Wonders

Captain America

The success of every digital marketing campaign depends on the strength of its call-to-actions (or CTAs). A fantastic CTA will work wonders! It could be a phrase that encourages the user to click ahead or a sentence that transforms traffic into turnover. A landing page may boast quality that would put Shakespeare to shame, but without a catchy and compelling CTA, they won’t bring in much business. 

True, a site visitor can have their curiosity piqued by energetic imagery and chin-scratchingly good content splashed across the page. But the CTA that will make them stop scanning and physically take action. Just one little sentence written in the right way can be enough to convince a user to confidently click ahead without even thinking. 

Remember – visitors that don’t click, don’t convert. 

When it comes to call-to-actions that convert, we turn to one of our favourite superheroes for inspiration – Wonder Woman. And why not? After all, she’s charismatic, alluring, attention-grabbing, punchy and powerful – all the things that a great CTA should be. 

A CTA has the potential to be a sentence that magically transforms a casual browser into a customer. One click, a puff of smoke and boom, your revenue figures are merrily dancing high in the sky. Check out how you can use the characteristics of Wonder Woman to create call-to-actions that completes the magic act of conversion. Enjoy!


Wonder Woman is noteworthy for her ability to power through the sky at high speeds and shrug off villains with a flick of her finger. But she is also noticeable due to her incredibly charismatic nature. Psychologist William Moulton created the superhero with this likeable trait specifically in mind – drawing on the achievements of his own wife as inspiration. Elizabeth Holloway Marston was a charming, successful academic during a period where women were so often shunned away from intellectual circles. Society dictated she had no right to be there, yet her charismatic nature allowed her to force her way in. 

Misleading or highly provocative CTAs may sound too salesy and forceful, and could potentially end up alienating site visitors. Like Wonder Woman and the great lady that inspired her creation, a CTA should boast integrity and charisma. A good example to consult here is Unbounce. This company have a CTA button on their website that states: “Build a High Converting Landing Page Now”. They promise to help people convert more traffic into customers – and then fulfil this promise.

Creating a CTA that has a charismatic charm about it will do wonders for conversion rates. Give the link a splash of colour and make it look attractive. As Mrs Moulton so aptly proved, a charismatic person stands out from the crowd. Be unique and go for something different, but appealing.


There’s something undeniably alluring about Wonder Woman. Not just in the way that she stands head and shoulders above ordinary society, but also the in the way she commands herself. Her fascinating – yet slightly mysterious – stance and conduct make you want to learn more about her. 

An effective CTA ought to work in exactly the same way. It needs to be simple and strong, but it also ought to have a certain sense of intrigue about it. If people think that they’re about to learn about something new and exciting – something that they haven’t seen before – then they’ll feel utterly compelled to click ahead.  

A CTA that simply states – “click here now” – isn’t going to bring in bucket-loads of revenue. However, a CTA that invites visitors to “discover how you can triple your website traffic for free” will tingle the user’s lizard brain. Focus on creating some terrific, engaging content that’ll excite the visitor, and then subsequently use an alluring CTA to encourage them to learn more about what they’ve read. 


The magnificent range of abilities that Wonder Woman boasts guarantees that she never goes unnoticed. Her superhuman traits and awe-inspiring skill set are enough to initially turn heads, and subsequently keep them turned. Every CTA needs to work in a similar way – grabbing the user’s attention from the moment they load up the page. 

One great way to do this by going heavy on benefits. Users won’t click if there’s nothing in it for them, so give them a reason to pursue their interest. “Free” is always appealing. Check out this fantastic example by Basecamp. Like the brand, it’s relaxed, personable and stress-free – but still manages to push home the message:

Another thing that makes Wonder Woman so attention-grabbing is her constant sense of urgency. She’s out to defend the world, and she’s out to do it quickly. Giving your CTA a sense of urgency encourages users to click “before it’s too late”, and suggests that they may eligible for something exclusive that latecomers may not be. 

Be careful not to tip over into controversial territory, but do your best to type up a CTA that will truly catch the eye. If your CTA is as attention-grabbing as Wonder Woman, it’s only a matter of time before your revenue goes shooting up into the sky alongside her.

Punchy & Powerful

Whilst Wonder Woman is out there throwing mighty jabs left, right and centre, your CTA should be out there throwing powerful punches too. Albeit in a slightly different, linguistic-style way.

Powerful, punchy language is key when it comes to creating a CTA that’ll work wonders. People like snappy phrases with a kick. By carefully carving a CTA with slick, pithy language, you’ll draw users in and convince them to click. Overlong, tired sentences will bore viewers and see them meander on elsewhere.

The majority of the internet age generation possess an attention span that lasts for an alarmingly low period of time. CTA’s need to be powerful and straight to the point. Have your target audience in mind, and hit them straight away with easy-to-digest phrasing.

Could these examples by Quick Sprout by any punchier?

Turning to arguably the world’s greatest feminine superhero isn’t perhaps the most conventional tactic for CTA inspiration. Nevertheless, it sure is an effective one. Next time you’re trying to create a cracking CTA that will see your conversion rate shoot through the roof, keep this superhero in mind. She might just save your digital marketing campaign! 

CTAs that work

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