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What is Organic Link Building?

SEO (or Search engine optimisation) is a crucial component of any digital marketer’s arsenal.

With the dominance of the digital age comes the need for your website to rank highly in Google and other major search engines – ensuring your audience can find you in the vast online world.

Organic backlinks are a vital part of any good SEO strategy – but exactly what is organic link building?

What is organic link building and why is it important for SEO?

Organic links are gained via ‘backlinks’ to your website; and occur naturally (as opposed to paid link building). Backlinks are simply links to you site from other websites, which may include blog posts, news sites or social media profiles. Links are defined as ‘organic’ because someone has proactively and autonomously chosen to link to the content on your website. 

The process of gaining organic backlinks is an important SEO tactic. If your link is included on a website with a higher page rank than yours, then this will boost your SEO. You will be held in higher regard by search engines if others are endorsing what you have to say; linking to your site simply because they find true value in your content. 

How can I attract organic inbound links?

Organic backlinks depend upon the quality of your web content. The more authentic, thought-provoking and engaging your content is, the more likely a person will be to blog, tweet or post about it. Here’s how to do it. 

1. Become a part of the conversation

You must be ‘in it to win it’. Set up a blog, start tweeting, revive that Facebook page and start creating content that’s worth talking about. If you’re an active part of the online conversation, you’ll be creating opportunities for organic link growth. 

2. Be pioneering

Not all content is good content. Always think about your audience and carve your own unique voice to make sure people notice you. You’re more likely to gain a backlink because you have fired up someone’s imagination, instead of regurgitating run-of-the-mill content. 

3. Take a varied approach

Content doesn’t just mean words – pictures, diagrams, videos and infographics all count too. Different people will digest information in different ways. Whilst some will value an intelligent blog article, others will prefer a visual approach. You should cater for everybody to increase your chances of gaining links.

So, what is organic link building? In summary, it’s the process of gaining links to your site because your content is worth talking about. 

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