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Picking Sides: Sacrificing The Human Touch for Mechanical Efficiency


Time-intensive emotion or Gatling gun content? You certainly aren’t alone in the volatile war between human and robot content production.

Never has there been a finer balancing act in the history of content writing than with the ever-growing presence of AI.

We’ve seen giant companies, like language translators Duolingo, sacking staff in replacement of artificial intelligence and mass laying off from huge search engine Google.

With fears running high among the writing community, has there ever been a better time to look into the cause-and-effect relationship between your articles and choice of writer?

Information breakdown

  • AI can produce masses of information exceptionally quickly.
  • Humans can touch the emotional receptors and use them, which AI cannot do (yet!)
  • Deciding on the best option for your business is a time/emotion equation.

How efficient Is AI?

Before we start to judge each side, it’s important to identify exactly what AI is. Artificial intelligence, in terms of content writing, is essentially a tool that can both program responses and produce content almost instantaneously on any given topic.

Sounds fantastic, right? The capability to scan through hours of content and eventually deliver a response that quantifies all the available data is very significant, especially since it can seemingly form a reasoned conclusion too.

The need for many paid hours of “manpower” to research, write up, and edit an article may not appear quite so necessary. Artificial Intelligence can do all of the above to, from an outsider’s eye, quite a high standard.

Large companies can now keep their staff numbers low and employ sophisticated AI engines to regularly produce content to keep their websites looking fresh. Now, they can even complete admin tasks such as calendar management.

An expert panel at Forbes magazine found AI to be both a revolutionary and a regressive form of content writing. They stated:

  • “I view AI positively because it helps boost employee productivity and operational workflows. For content creation, AI is used to ideate blog, social, and webinar topics.”
  • “I look at using AI to write content negatively. Original insights that come from reasoning, storytelling and personal experience are the secret sauce that has consistently ranked higher.”

The terms are set. In a fast-paced world, there is only room for maximum productivity, reaching quarterly goals, and pumping out enough words to make the dictionary develop a size complex.

But is that all there is?

Words touch hearts

Preacher and teacher Charles Capps once stated “Words are the most powerful thing in the universe… Words are containers. They contain faith or fear, and they produce after their kind.”

We understand that not all businesses are in existence to inspire the youth or write topics that are geared toward world peace. However, the importance of relating to the reader via writing should be an essential component of every business ethos.

Guardian writer, David Hawksworth wrote a riveting piece on how sustainability didn’t have to be a morbid topic if it was marketed correctly. He found that “By focusing on the correct human emotions, the message of sustainability could have a deeper impact”.

This applies to most other forms of content writing. The need to produce thousands of words may proverbially drown the reader. Instead, why not opt for a clear-cut message that influences them as opposed to them quickly clicking off the page?

Clicks equal hits in our line of work. The deeper the reader falls into your website’s rabbit holes, the more likely they are to have struck a chord with your brand and idea.

We aren’t suggesting force-feeding them thousands of marketing emails about why you are number one. Choose carefully processed content that reaches the point quickly and doesn’t confuse your argument.

Entrepreneur writer, Tatiana Dumitru explains that “The first and most important step is to understand AI as an assistive technology, not a replacement for human effort entirely”.

Let that ring out! Humans will always be the go-to source for producing the highest levels of engagement and interaction with your site and increasing the likelihood of users choosing your brand and respective product.

To write or not to write, that is the question…

Choosing humans or AI is a decision that has only been around in recent years. While we think the Terminator era is still a while off, we could see many content writers put to the wayside to favour the rise of the latest AI engines for content production.

So, which to pick? Biased as it may seem, we believe that humans are perpetually evergreen. The content can be altered and changed depending on the world outside and strategies can be discussed and confirmed over a coffee table in your HQ.

AI is merely a construct of an increasingly online generation. New ones will enter, and old ones will fade out. Humans, however, will always be around to pick up the slack and deliver phenomenal results.

Moving forward with renewed life!

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Written by Thomas Bell (LinkedIn)


Thomas Bell is an accomplished content writer and digital marketing expert with extensive experience in the luxury watch sector. A graduate from the University of Law, he specialises in SEO and digital analytics, using tools like SEMrush and Google Analytics to enhance web traffic and engagement.