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New Website Launched for 2015

website design

Note: Hello SEO Copywriting rebranded in 2022 and relaunched as Wrise. However, we’re still super proud of our history and the new website and branding in 2015 was a big part of our story. Take a look…

Our new year’s resolution was to give our website an up-to-the-minute makeover and we’re delighted to announce that it’s gone live! The new Hello SEO Copywriting website is sleek, polished and more user friendly than ever. 

So what’s new in 2015? Here’s a sneak peak at what we love the most…

A brand new logo

What better way to ring in 2015 than with a complete logo overhaul? Ultra-simple yet out of the norm, the bird’s eye view of a pencil head represents our inherent passion for word turning. It’s also turquoise in colour, an eye-catching shade that you’ll see recurring throughout the site. 

Web design

Clean, modern and easy to read, our website was bought to life by the HMTL gurus at If you’re on the search for a swift support team, exceptional customer service and a galvanising finished product these are your guys. Keep an eye out for responsive mode which is set to be rolled out later this year. 


Some websites focus entirely on aesthetics and give little thought to the overall user experience. Rookie error. The new Hello SEO Copywriting website is underpinned by elements that enhance engagement, increase browse times and optimise every conversion opportunity. 

Our main source of inspiration was a fascinating study carried out by Positionly, which you can find on the CrazyEgg website. The blog is based on the theory that ‘humanisation is the new optimisation’ and highlights the ways that web designers can use human elements to supercharge web pages. 

These include pictures (these are proven to increase engagement by over 12%), short and strategic content, simplistic design and the incorporation of a commitment-free call to action option. 

Copywriting style

We’re a team of self-confessed copywriting buffs, so it was only natural that our original site was packed full of copy. After all, when it comes to copy, more is better, right? Not really, no.

Our new site has trimmed content right down to the bare minimum, making it easier for readers to skin and digest. It’s relaxed, to the point and written foster personal relationships with our clients. Our aim was to produce copy that is simple, quick and easy.  

Blog Packages

A new year means a new set of blog management packages! 

Maintaining a blog can be time consuming, which is why most companies struggle to blog at all. Which is why we’ve launched three simple packages for businesses to choose from. For more information, take a look at our blog management packages.