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Is My Home Based Business Turning Me Into a Recluse?

feet up

I’ve been working from home as a Freelance Copywriter for the best part of a year now. Recently, something’s started to play on my mind…

I don’t really leave the house much now except when I need something urgently. Friday is market day and I stock up on fresh produce. The rest of the shopping is done online, and when I can get away with it, at the corner shop. And I visit the local gym, which is just across the road from me.

With this in mind, I ask myself: Is my new home-based business turning me into a recluse?

Garboesque aloneness

I need to put in a 7 hour day, every day and that includes working and marketing (you know the drill). I don’t really socialise as I’m not really a people person, which is why working from home suits me so well. When I worked full-time in the NHS, I often met people at meetings, during my lunch break and on my way to and from work. Now this is a rarity. And to be honest, I don’t really miss it. I’m happy as a sand boy. 

Looking back I can remember watching Bridget Jones’ Diary where she fears that one day she’ll be found dead having been partially eaten by Alsatians. Newspapers are littered with articles of women being found alone in their apartments after having gone missing for several years. For some reason, no one ever notices they’ve gone until the smell hits them. And why is it always women? 

Me, bothered?

And really, is it that I’m more worried about being found alone having been eaten away by any living creature that happens to be passing, or am I bothered about being alone? I can’t say that I am. And once I’m dead, I hardly think it’ll matter whether I’m dragged away by rabbits, or my remains provide a tasty snack for a couple of wild moggies.

The formula, professor!

Working alone I have my own pattern of working, it’s formulaic but it works. Radio 4 in the background, I have some favourite programmes I enjoy listening to and sometimes I turn on iTunes and have a listen to some favourite songs. I usually don’t start work until 9.30 – 10am (I’m not a morning person) unless I have a heavy schedule. I work until 6.30 – 7pm. More often than not that doesn’t include a lunch break. 

Gym visits during the working week are rare at the moment because I’m so busy. However, it suits me fine, my bedroom is my office. My bed is a futon that conveniently folds up into a sofa during the day so I have enough room to fit my desk and laptop. It’s a simple life, but an enjoyable one. 

Lost in time

I haven’t started venturing out into town yet, somehow I’m always paranoid about damaging my laptop or spilling coffee over it, or worse still coming home without it, I wouldn’t put it past me. I’ve been known to leave things behind in the most unlikely of places. Once I gain confidence however, there are one or two venues I might venture out to and test the waters of working mobile.

Don’t worry about me … I’m fine

In the meantime, I continue my reclusive life. Answering my earlier question about whether I’m worried about becoming a recluse. No, not really, I’ll come out into the world when I’m ready, and when I feel like it. I love my life and I love my job so I have no complaints.

However, if you do notice a funny smell, do remember to call the emergency services – before the Alsatians get me.

Written by Gillian Jones