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How to Write a No-Filler, All-Killer Press Release

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Press releases provide a quick, effective way to tell the world about your latest company news. A great press release will spread the word about your business, build your profile and increase brand awareness. Conversely, a bad press release will disappear without a trace – along with your time and distribution fee. 

If you want to make sure your press release gets the coverage it deserves, these 10 tips will help you write a no-filler, all-killer press release. 

Tip 1: Get to the point, fast!

You have got one shot with a press release, so there’s no time for Woody Allen-esque procrastination and meandering. From the word go your press release should be clear, concise and to-the-point. You’ll be sending it to busy journalists, reporters and bloggers – so make sure you grab their attention immediately. 

Your press release should be around the 500 word mark – anymore, and you’ll risk boring your audience. Pace yourself throughout the piece: instead of cramming every last detail into the beginning, allow key pieces of information to flow naturally as the writing progresses.

Tip 2: Know the Point.

To make sure your news is heard loud and clear, think about your key message. Follow these 3 steps carefully:

  • Determine exactly what message you are trying to communicate. 
  • Boil it down … right down … smaller, please.
  • Then create a snappy, punchy headline. 

Tip 3: Don’t Use Complex Language 

A press release isn’t a piece of narrative, it’s a vehicle to convey a specific piece of information. After all, complexity won’t win you any prizes, it will only annoy and bore your audience. Make sure your  press release is written using:

  • Simple words.
  • Short sentences.
  • A tone relevant to your audience. 

If in doubt, follow the K-I-S-S strategy: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

Tip 4: Only release Newsworthy news?

Your company is extremely important. However, not everything you and your company does will be considered newsworthy to the general public. Hopefully, you don’t find this e-mail familiar?

You’re better off sending fewer, interesting press releases to your media contacts instead of inundating them with every last piece of company news. Don’t risk them hitting the delete button without reading your email. 

In addition, think about your audience – what will they find relevant, and what will be utterly boring? Remember: Not everything is newsworthy!

Tip 5: Be relevant 

Don’t send a press release about your incredible financial year end to a blogger interested in the environment and sustainability. Target niche and relevant publications and websites and you’re much likely to get featured in a prominent spot. Be sure to include your contact details, so the reporter can find out more specific information if required. 

Tip 6: Use the Ol’ One-Two Punch

Follow the title on with a short, digestible opening paragraph. If you can tie your news to something relevant and topical, this will also stand you in good stead. Take a look at this example from Apple: 

Firstly, the title couldn’t be any simpler – 3 words is all it takes. This is followed by a strong explanation – it is full of hype and promise and communicates one clear message: “this press release is important and you’d be crazy not to read it!” With phrases such as “completely redesigned”, “stunning” and “new features”, this press release certainly packs a mean punch.   

Tip 7: Choose a Great Distribution Agency

When it comes to press release distribution, there are hundreds of agencies and they all talk a good talk. Even the free ones (which we don’t recommend) certainly sound amazing. If you’re thinking of using a cheap distribution agency, think again. Don’t agree? Read this conclusive review of 60 free press release sites. If you’re thinking expensive, then you better get it right. According to No1Reviews, the best press release services around is With reasonable prices and prominence in UK and USA, they provide a solid service that few can compete with. The costs per release follow:

  • Basic package: £40 ($63.79)
  • Standard package: £80 ($127.58)
  • Advanced package: £110 ($175.42)
  • Premium package: £200 ($318.96)

Prices are subject to change. For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual website.

Tip 8: Consider SEO … but not too much.

Believe it or not, Google isn’t a big fan of SEO. After years of keyword stuffing, thin content and reciprocal link directories, Google has finally put it’s foot down. And what do they want instead? Content that adds value to the user. 

This is so important, that it’s worth saying it again, but bigger and in blue:  

Content that adds value to the user. 

Granted, if you’re distributing your press release online then you should think about SEO and your target keywords. After all, by including key phrases in a natural way you’ll be optimising your website’s presence on search engines. More potential customers will see your news and as a result the amount of website traffic your press release attracts will increase. However, it’s more important to produce a quality press release that people will actually want to read. 

Tip 9: Include a Call to Action

Before you write the press release, think about your objective. Do you want the reader to call, cut out and return a coupon by post, Like your company on Facebook, text a code, tweet about your news, refer a friend or perhaps order your newest range online? The success of a press release, no matter how well written and executed, must be judged on the results it produces. And, unless you know exactly what result you are targeting, how can you know if the press release has been a success?  

Every press release should finish with a strong call to action that points the reader in the right direction. What is their next step? Your call to action drives the reader towards your goal. Should they request a newsletter, buy shares, complete and survey or claim a prize? Without your guidance, how will they know? A press release must inform, educate and direct – not sell.  

Tip 10: Hire a Professional Press Release Writer

What type of SEO Copywriting agency would we be if we didn’t shamelessly include our own call to action? If you need help writing your press release, we can help. 

Wrise is an experienced team of skilled content writers with an in-depth knowledge of PR and search engine optimisation. We will research your news story, find a captivating angle, then use the results to create a powerful optimised press release. Get a free, no obligation quote for your next project today!