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A Guide to Article Marketing

As a form of low-cost advertising, article marketing has many benefits. It is a highly effective form of advertising in which businesses produce articles relevant to their area of expertise and distribute them on a variety of websites. 

Article Marketing has been used since the advent of mass print and it has gained in popularity with the rise of the internet. According to Smart Insights, 90% of B2B marketers do some form of content marketing, with the most popular content marketing tactics being article posting. 26% of marketing budgets are invested in content and 60% of marketers say they plan to spend more on content marketing in the coming year. 

So what are the benefits of article marketing? In short, you can expect to see:

  • Greater brand awareness and trust
  • Increased exposure and greater numbers of site visitors
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • New customers

Tips for successful article marketing 

Article marketing can be a minefield to navigate and many people new to the practice have a number of questions about the most effective way to achieve results. 

In order to achieve success with article marketing there are only three things you must do. You must write high-quality, valuable content and you must distribute only to relevant sites with a good page rank and high traffic volume. Finally, it is very important that you optimise your articles to ensure that it receives maximum online exposure.

Content is key

Articles must offer valuable, quality content that is unique and useful. By providing functional information, you can use article marketing to build trust and authority as an expert in your field, which will encourage readers to click through to your website.

Producing great content is hard work and time consuming but it guarantees results. Google is very hard on duplicate content, so it is important that you distribute a single article frugally and always link back to the original source of the content. Additionally, for every article you publish on article directories and other websites, make sure you have articles of high quality on your own site. Continuing to provide quality content cements trust and will encourage consumers to buy your services or products.

Methods of publishing

There are several methods for publishing an article, the most popular is to submit to the top article directories. This method is the most effective; you can guarantee high traffic volumes, receive quality backlinks that improve a website’s search engine ranking and your article may be picked up and featured on additional websites.

According to Moz – “When you submit an article to a directory you are normally giving other site owner’s permission to re-publish the article on their website, as long as the bio (and link) remains in place. The better your article is, the more likely it will be picked up by a good quality site.”
Another great method is to approach online magazines and blogs in the same field and ask them to publish your article. Choose sites with good traffic and relevant readership, it is possible to check this by looking at their subscriber counts, assessing their Social Media accounts and if available, traffic levels. Choosing sites that are relevant to your field of expertise is extremely important; it will provide you with a great opportunity to extend your reach whilst hitting your target demographic.

A warning!

A controversial and ineffective method of article marketing is to submit one article to as many sites as possible across the web. While this method may gain numerous low-quality links, it is not recommended. Since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, this practice has become counter-productive. It is much more beneficial to gain a select number of very strong links by submitting an article to a limited number of directories or websites. Most articles are distributed to popular, high-quality article directories, such as Ezine. Ezine has a high page rank, a great number of site visitors and is considered an authority site by the search engines. Uploading an article to Ezine is free and can have enormous rewards in terms of gaining exposure for your brand, driving traffic to your site and improving your websites search engine ranking.

To find out how article marketing has been affected by the Google Panda and Penguin updates, see our detailed blog post on the topic.

A strong Article Marketing strategy is essential for any online business, with enormous benefits to be gained from a cost-effective, low-risk form of advertising. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, check out our services. Or get a free, no obligation quote for your next project today!