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How Do I Get Loads of Twitter Followers?

Tweet Tweet - Twitter Hashtag

Want to improve your Twitter following and create a vibrant, buzzing community of engaged followers on Twitter? No problem! Turn your attention to these three things:

1. Know WHY you’re Tweeting

If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve from your Twitter account, you won’t be able to curate your content and create a Twitter strategy to appeal to your target audience. Knowing what you want in terms of business goals and creating a Twitter strategy that aligns with these goals is key.

2. Create valuable content

What are you giving your followers? Are you simply retweeting content that’s irrelevant to your brand and target audience? Invest some time into writing posts that help your followers in some way and you’ll reap the rewards immediately.

3: Follow useful accounts

Who are you following on Twitter and why? Take a strategic approach to who you follow and you’ll find it much easier to spot potential leads and influencers. Instead of wasting hours searching for accounts have something worthwhile to offer you, start following relevant hashtags. It’s a great way of spotting like-minded users who can help you build your own following further.

Another option is to find somebody that represents your target market, then check out if they’re included on any Twitter lists. You might just find a curated list, just ready for you to use. Browsing lists is much easier on the app than on the desktop.

You never know, some useful accounts might follow you back!

One extra top-secret tip!

​There will however come a point where you can’t follow any new accounts – when your quota is full. Try out Crowdfire – it will help you find and unfollow accounts that are either inactive or not following you back. Genius!