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Evergreen Content Isn’t Just for Christmas

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If you work in the marketing industry, you may have heard of ‘evergreen content’. This is a crucial ingredient in any form of SEO, content or web marketing. And, weirdly enough, it’s nothing to do with foliage or vegetation.

The Merriam Webster dictionary definition is – ‘retaining freshness or interest: perennial’, which, to be honest, is a pretty good way of describing it.

‘Evergreen’ is a type of content that remains relevant indefinitely. It will still be interesting and gain shares across social media platforms for weeks, months and even years after the day it is published. Unlike news articles, it doesn’t have an expiry date of sorts. And it should hold a valuable spot in search engine results for a long time.  

‘Evergreen’ cannot include content such as the news, ever-changing statistics, anything specific to season, fashion trends or pop culture. So, anything about One Direction or Kylie Jenner’s lips is a no. Though these subjects will be popular for a while, eventually they will expire and be lost in the Google Search afterlife. ​

Why is evergreen content important?

Evergreen content is an essential marketing strategy for anyone who wants consistent traffic to their site over a prolonged period of time. It’s a long term strategy and a safe way to build up a hefty hunk of traffic piece by piece. 

Evergreen content should: 

  • Always be interesting and enjoyable to read.
  • Always be written with SEO in mind – with relevant keywords etc.
  • Allow shares across social media.
  • Be relevant to the audience/customers of the particular website.

Does anyone have any evergreen content ideas then?

Articles about love, food, pets and children will most likely be relevant for an incredibly long time. It’ll be a light-year away, surely, ‘til people are no longer interested in tasty treats! However, writing a blog about burgers and barbeques when you’re a make-up retailer may not be the best way of selling your product. But if you can create ‘evergreen content’ that is relevant to your business, you are going to gain a great increase of views and get right up there on the google search results pages.

How-to guides and case studies are a fantastic and reliable form of evergreen content. For a digital marketing agency – like us – examples of evergreen topics might be ‘What is Evergreen Content?’ or ‘How to Create a Killer Digital Marketing Campaign’. 

Also, make sure you should also takes social media into careful consideration. The piece needs to be able to steal someone’s attention while scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, headlines and titles are of extreme importance.

Still looking for a clean and concise definition… 

To sum up – evergreen marketing is ignoring the latest and interchangeable trends and instead creating content that is long-lasting and will remain relevant across a variety of platforms.

There you have it. It’s almost like the ‘children now love luxury’ quote, which was relevant in Ancient Rome and will probably still be relevant until the end of the earth. Because, let’s face it, everyone enjoys a good moan about the younger generation.

So, evergreen content is just that – an extremely useful tool for marketing and SEO. And it’s certainly not just for Christmas … because, like the tree, it stays fresh all year round. 

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