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4 Places You Should Share Your Blog Posts

Business Woman Working On Blog Posts

Blogging is an amazing way to connect with customers and promote yourself as an industry expert. But what do you do when you have written the blog post? Where can you post it and share it? That’s something some companies struggle with.

Read on as we discuss four places you should be sharing your blog posts – and the benefits of doing so…

Your own website (obvs)

First and foremost is your own website. Having relevant, helpful content on your blog gives customers some value when they visit your site. It also gives your brand a voice and sets you apart from the competition.

On top of all that, it can improve your search engine rankings. Google loves sites that are regularly updated with unique content, so you could see yourself gradually climbing the search engine results pages.

Social media

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, social media is a great place to share your blog posts. For one, because it allows you to share it with so many people at once. As well as your own followers, it could be seen by other users searching on those sites, or the followers of people who like or share your post.

It can also increase your followers, either as a knock-on effect of shared posts or simply because your social media pages are offering more value through the content you share.

News sites

If you’re creating useful, relevant content, it’s not just your site you can post on. Other sites will be keen to get a slice of the action if you’re happy to share your content with them. Whether it’s industry news sites or just other businesses, there are plenty of other websites you can share your blog posts on.

Make sure you include a mention of your company with a link back. As well increasing brand awareness, this will boost your site’s search engine optimisation. Having other sites link back to yours shows Google that you’re well regarded.


If you’ve already posted on your site and social media, you might still feel like that great content hasn’t fulfilled its potential. That’s where a newsletter comes in. Whether they’re digital or printed, newsletters are usually sent out by companies on a monthly basis to those on their subscription list. They update existing customers or those who’ve expressed interest in the past about your business and what you’ve been up to, by post or email.

Adding blog posts to these newsletters will give those subscribers a bit more value. It will also remind them of your business and could trigger some repeat business.

Take the weight of blogging off your shoulders

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