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3 Critical Blogging Trends We’ll See in 2020

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Even as we reach the end of the year, there’s no time for digital marketers to take their foot off the pedal. The New Year is right around the corner, and with it comes new blog marketing trends.

If your business only acts on what’s already happening, your content could get lost in the crowd. Anticipating change and being able to adapt is key to successful marketing. And what company wants to waste time creating irrelevant content?

Keen to see what 2020 holds for blogging and how to stay ahead of the game? Read on as the team at Wrise cherry-pick the top three trends…

1. Long-form content will be king

Your average blog may be around 500 words, which is ideal for conveying useful, bite-sized pieces of information. However, in 2020, you may want to invest more time into creating lengthier, denser blogs of around 1,000 words.

A long-form blog will keep your readers on the page – and your website – while delivering useful information. The next time readers are looking for similar advice, they might just turn to your brand for more insight.

But here’s the best part – Google favours long-form blog posts. If you’re looking to land your website on Google’s top search pages, consider creating long-form content in the New Year. Posts of over 1,000 words that are SEO-optimised could see you popping up on customers’ searches throughout 2020 and beyond.

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2. Conversational and customer-first content will dominate

In a saturated market, businesses need to write content that their leads and customers will actually want to read. Prioritising the customer’s informational needs above sales messages is going to be a hot trend in 2020 as we hope to see ultra-targeted content.

Trust-building is imperative in today’s market, and a great way to do this is to engage with your audience by offering guidance, help, information or entertainment without a catch. As we move into 2020, you’ll want to engage with your community to better create content that speaks to them directly.

3. Outsourcing writers will be on the rise

Many companies can’t afford full-time copywriters, which is why outsourcing your blog posts is becoming so popular. In 2020, brands can save time and money without missing out on publishing valuable content that taps into incredible benefits of business growth.

Sure, no one knows exactly what 2020 will hold for the future of blogging, but with some smart analytics and trend observation, we can see that blogging will become even bigger and better.

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