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About Wrise

Why are we called Wrise? We write content which helps websites rise to the top. Write + Rise = Wrise.

Attracting people to your website and convincing them to stick around isn’t easy. There’s so much cool stuff on the internet (like face swapping with your pet), so your site has to be super click-worthy. If that wasn’t enough, interest has to become action – whether that’s a purchase, enquiry or lead. Sounds like a lot right?

Like you, we’ve faced these challenges at Wrise. And here you are. Reading this. So, how did we do it?

Our secret? We create content that people and search engines love

The internet is an increasingly crowded neighbourhood. Big brands dominate search engines, while the rest of us are pushed down the pecking order. So, how can small businesses compete?

Founded in 2011, Wrise is a content writing agency with one goal. Through a combination of expert content writing mastery and search engine optimisation (SEO) know-how, we help small businesses thrive online.

How is this possible? Simply put, we write amazing content people and search engines love. Content that boost rankings, increases traffic levels and turns clicks into customers.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped countless brands rise to the top. And we can help you too.


Words Written Every Month 📝


Years Old & Still Going Strong 💪🏼


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​​To help businesses grow and prosper via the powerful combination of expert content writing and SEO know-how.


At the heart of everything we do is great communication. In the content we write, in our team and with our customers.


​​We take pride in our work and strive to deliver fantastic results and customer service. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.


We won’t bamboozle you with SEO terminology, write rambling content or set hazy goals. Simplicity is key in everything we do.

Our founder

Small businesses tend to go unnoticed on Google, while the big brands take the top spots. Their services and products – no matter how superior – don’t get the attention they deserve.

Rob Truslove founded Wrise in 2011 to solve this problem. Having studied business writing, screen writing and search engine optimisation (SEO), he combined these techniques to launch an SEO content writing agency that would help small businesses succeed online.

Over the last decade, we have worked with over 250 happy customers. Our family has grown, with seven internal team members, plus a network of independent writers & consultants to call upon. And we now tackle over 250,000 words of content every month.

While we’ve enjoyed many successes, nothing makes us prouder than when our customers see phenomenal gains. When Bill Gates said “content is king”, he wasn’t wrong.

“Helped our e-commerce organic traffic grow by 155% in its first year. I am delighted. I would not hesitate to recommend them for SEO content writing.“

Sarah Simpkins // My Car Credit

We’re here to help your business thrive online

Wrise is a talented team of UK word nerds and SEO aces with a passion for effective communication. We’re ready to help your business move in the right direction online.


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